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What Makes Olympus the BEST?

Yup, that’s right. THE Best quality in AUS. 🦘 We’ll tell you why.

BENEFITS of choosing Olympus Loaders:

✅ Auto Lube systems - standard all models

✅ Larger Cooling Radiators & High Volume Fans- 20*c Temp reduction from STD

✅ Heavy Duty Sub Frames & Booms – To Endure heavy workloads

✅ Superior Quality Control & Pre Delivery – Loaders Assembled in Australia

✅ National Back Up Partners Aust Wide- International Component Brands Used

✅ Directly Involved with the Build Specification for Australian delivered products

✅ Custom Build a loader to our customers’ requirements in 45 Days

✅ Over 30 Years’ experience in the Earthmoving Industry

Olympus Loaders are Australia’s NO.1 Wheel Loader Specialists.


CALL NOW: 0427 744 049


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