The Olympus Wheel Loader factory is the best we have seen in 15 years while dealing in China and we are excited to be the Australian Distributor for the Olympus product. I can proudly state these products are an absolute pleasure to represent against the major brand competition, they speak for themselves impressively.


We have successfully distributed Olympus loaders for over 6 years now and have had no failures reported to date from companies doing civil, construction and recycling 6 days per week and even with constant 10 hour days. We have full back up for parts and service around Australia, we can of course custom build the loaders in many ways, specifically to your exact requirements.


The Olympus product’s flexibility even offers two transmission options available with a German built automatic and a manual ZF available, the manual transmission is built by ZF in China, both are genuine ZF brands and the automatic version is built in Germany. We use a Chinese built ZF transmission as standard and the gear change is achieved with smooth operation by twisting the gear handle, simply moving the lever forwards or backwards for forward or reverse. The Automatic German built ZF even has a joystick button gear change option, a simple upgrade to this type of activation is available, if your preferred option.


Diffs and axle groups are Meritor brand or a more economical option available with the YX636, YX638 & YX656 remarkable though lower priced, these have an even heavier load rating than the Meritor brand.


The Olympus Loader Range have impressively large cabins fitted, this allows plenty of operator room, we have even upgraded the air conditioning system (high volume air) to allow greater cool air volume throughout the cabin (ROPS CABIN IS STANDARD IN ALL OLYMPUS MODELS). The dash panel has analogue gauges for accurate reading and switches to control lights and other accessories, totally in clear view for the operator to control effortlessly. Our loaders remarkably include a rear view camera fitted as a standard feature, conveniently located in the cabin for improved reversing safety and visibility.


The features described above are just some of the benefits we have added to the new YX-Heavy Duty Olympus models for Australian conditions. These machines are specifically built to our specifications to handle the tough, harsh Australian conditions, even bigger cooling systems were added so we can confidently state proven solid and reliable performance for many years to come.  The most remarkable feature that still amazes our happy and rapidly growing customer base is the price, all of this and well under the brand comparisons that do not even compare.


We look forward to sharing these remarkable Loader products with you for all of your future Loader requirements.


Olympus Loader Factory warranty is Parts and labour for 2 years or 2000 hours, standard service conditions apply for factory and Cummins warranty.