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How One Client Was Able to Lift More, Load More and Save More – For Longer

OLYMPUS LOADERS | Client Success Story | Australia's #1 Wheel Loader Specialist

In 2018, Nathan was looking for a reliable loader to purchase for his full-time contracting work. Engaged in mostly dam building, distilling and land clearing, Nathan was on the hunt for a high-powered, high-performance wheel loader that could tackle all the tasks he needed it to – without breaking the bank.

Finding Olympus Loaders

After searching for the perfect loader within his price range that did not sacrifice quality, power for performance, Nathan discovered Olympus Loaders in Loganholme, Brisbane QLD.

Nathan was immediately put in contact with owner operator, Simon Collins, to help discuss what loader options would be the best suit for his needs.

Simon at Olympus Loaders worked closely with Nathan into choosing a loader that’d be the best choice for him.

After landing on the YX667 with added stick rake attachment, Nathan was off with a brand-new Wheel Loader at 1/3 of the price of the big-name brands!

Four+ Years Later, Still Reaping the Benefits

Four and a half years on, Nathan has stayed vocal about how impressed he is with the power and reliability of the loader, saying “The wheel loader has been the best value money can buy, never had any downtime over the past four years. A real no-brain for making money. Will always come to Simon for any wheel loader needs from now on.”

What Our Customers Say

Read some of the greatest hits from our customers and members of the Olympus Loaders family. You know what they say, “the proof is in the pudding”!

“I purchased the Olympus YX667 from Simon back in 2018 and it’s never let me down. I’m a full-time contractor doing mostly land clearing, dam distilling and dam building works. The loader has been hands-down the best value for money even four and a half years on. Plus, I got it for a 1/3 of the price of those big-name brands. A real no-brain for making money. Will always come to Simon for any wheel loader needs from now on.” - Nathan Mcfadzen, Injune Qld

“Great straight-to-the-point sales. Olympus Loaders Great equipment at a fair price. Plus, they gave me free extras. Because "they thought I could use them" And I have...👍Thanks 🌴😎✌️🌴” - Feature Gardens Australia Architectural Plants, Brisbane, QLD

“Excellent bunch of guys who take the time to do the job right and know how to use a phone to keep you updated on progress.” – Melissa Walker, SA

"Simon's been in the game a long time and knows his stuff. Great customer service” – Tash MacDonald, Brisbane, QLD

There’s No Substitute For Quality

Right now, Olympus Loaders are offering BRAND NEW 2022 Wheel Loaders, Mini Loaders, Tractors and Telehandlers with prices starting at $55,000*.

For more information about Olympus Loaders and our range, contact us today on 1800 566 080.


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