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Unleash the Power of the Olympus YX656HD BULK OUT LOADER - Get a FREE 6m Stick Rake with Purchase!

🔥 The Olympus YX656HD BULK OUT LOADER.

The YX656HD Construction Series Loader features:

✅ 220HP

✅ ZL50 Transmission

✅ 3.6 cubic meter GP bucket with teeth

✅ 23.5/25 Tyres

✅ Hydraulic quick hitch (Change to pallet forks, grabs, stick rakes, etc.)

✅ Auxiliary hydraulics

From $150,000 ex. GST

🚨Don't miss out! Recieve a FREE 6m Stick Rake with purchase. (Hurry - only one left!) 🚨

📲 Call 1800 566 080

for more information.

There is no substitute for quality!


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